In addition to being a fully operational company, we are a consulting firm that provides structure and development to all parties involved in the transportation and logistics process from origin to destination.

Our mission is to elevate the level of service and quality within the industry. In doing so, we are developing a network of qualified and compliant professionals and have the capacity for transportation and delivery services of every equipment type. 

As a “one stop shop” for all things "trucking", we provide the supply to your demand.


Framework & Compliance

Contract Acquisition: Government & Non-government

Bookkeeping & Business Credit Building

Quality Service & Professionalism

Communication and Automation


Our team of dispatchers are trained and well versed in providing efficient and timely service. In addition to the best load boards, we secure our own contracts and subcontract to qualified carriers. daily and dedicated routes are available. We provide services on each end of freight to customers/clients in the lower 48 states, Canada and Mexico. We also train and help start up other dispatching companies!

If you are interested in our dispatching services or joining our team, email us! 


Behind most bankruptcies and dissolving of "trucking" companies, it is their lack of being financially responsible and proper financial structure. Federal and state Renewals, insurance, taxes, formulas and budgets all need upkeep and can determine the rise or fall of your business.




Schedule C/1065 Partnership/1120S+1120C

Estimated Taxes

Quarterly Filings

We manage your finances while you run the business. Contact us for our Accounting, Bookkeeping and tax preparation services.

Our Customers/Clients

Freight Forwarders
Owner Operators
Freight Brokers
Independent Couriers
Independent Drivers

Ready to create your own path in this industry? Thinking of switching lanes in your operations?

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