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Q. Sutton Consulting, LLC is a dual accounting and business development firm based in New York City, NY and Atlanta, GA. Our clientele is predominantly on the east coast however, we have clients throughout all 50 states and internationally. We offer a wide range of services and with quality and efficiency, provide our clients with all the essentials to be successful and profitable.


Q. Sutton Consulting

Whether it's aligning personal finances, a startup venture or an established company, we provide services to individuals and businesses in all stages. Structure & Framework, Planning, Wealth Management, Education or Investor Relations, we have it covered.


The foundation of your business is what sets the tone. Therefore, it should be solid.  We provide the framework to construct and implement a plan to develop your idea into reality.

 Start Up Framework

Articles of Incorporation/Organization

Business Plans + Proposals

Professional/Commercial Insurance

Permit/Licensing Overview/Assistance with Applications

Credit Repair & Building



Once your business is operating, keeping track of finances and being tax compliant is key in becoming/remaining successful. Invest in quality maintenance.

Full Service Accounting


Tax Preparation, Planning and Compliance

Accounting Software Set Up

HR Compliant Payroll



Ready to expand? Need assistance with getting investors or sponsors? We have an elite team of affiliates that will take your business to the next level. 

Capability Statements

Sponsorship Proposals

Marketing/Branding Development

Investor Relationship Building


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Featured Industries

Non-Profit Organizations

Transportation & Logistics "Trucking"


Real Estate/ Investment/Property Management


QTax Services LLC

In any organization, financial management is key to the foundation of progression and longevity.



Small Businesses

Non-Profit Organizations


We Provide:
 Tax Preparation, Planning & Compliance
Full-service Accounting


Q.S. Global Logistics, LLC

In addition to being a fully operational company, we are a consulting firm that provides structure and development to all parties involved in the transportation and logistics process from origin to destination.




We provide set up, consulting and/or training in these areas:


Framework & Compliance

Contract Acquisition: Government & Non-government

Bookkeeping & Credit Building

Quality Service & Professionalism

Communication and Automation

Hidden Gems Academy

Here we provide a platform of education where knowledge is presented and interpreted in a way that can be understood and used by ALL. Skill, trade or entrepreneurial venture, you can learn how to create opportunities for yourself and others.

E books


ONe on Ones

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Q. Sutton consulting


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