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Assets: Acquire many. Be one.
In any organization, financial management is key to the foundation of progression and longevity.


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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Tax Preparation

Tax Planning & Strategy

Clean Up & Turn Around Management


  • Transaction Allocation

  • Reconciliation

  • Financial Reporting

  • Quarterly Tax Filings

Starts @$333/Month


  • Bookkeeping

  • Cash flow Management

  • Analysis

  • Goal planning

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting

  • Industry Consulting

Starts @$888/Month

All Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Rates are based on assessment. Payroll Services Available.*

Tax Preparation


Tax Planning

Tax Planning isn't solely about taxes. It gives you a full view of what your finances look like now and the strategy to meet your goals and place your finances where you want them to be. Now...

Let's Build your Tax Plan!

Option 1

$500 + Tax Prep Fees

Current Year (Q4)
Tax Projection to determine liability based on current income, deductions and credits of current financial situation & Tax Reduction Strategy (what can be done to lower that liability before filing) + filing.

Option 2

$1,500 + Tax Prep Fees

Current Tax Year + Filing and Next Year’s plan
Tax Projection to determine liability based on estimated income, deductions and credits of next year’s financial situation & Tax Reduction Strategy- what can be done to properly determine income, credits, deductions and tax liability.

Option 3

$500 + Tax Prep Fees

Business Tax Planning

• Income Categorization
• Small Business Tax deductions for qualified expenses
• QBI Deductions
• Estimated Income Tax
• Payroll/Withholding Tax Estimates
• Salary Calculation
• Business Valuation

Clean up & Turn Around Management

When you make mistakes with your business, whether it;s not keeping record of your ins and outs, not tracking your inventory or improper organization...

while everything cannot be undone, your overall all situation can be turned around.

Quick books account will be created with bank statement csv upload or direct bank sync

  • $111 per month if less than 6 months

  • Flat Rate

  • $600 6 Months

  • $1,200 1 year

  • $2,000 2 years

Consulting & Management are based on assessment.

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