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Our Process



Evaluation in its entirety. Identify any current or forecasted issues. Identify what should be maximized and/or eliminated.

Should you stop here, you now know what your problem areas are whether current or forecasted. Self-initiative can be taken to correct/prevent them.



Providing Insight, Guidance and Resources. A plan of action is customized to prevent or correct said issues & elevate the current standing. Consisting of strategy, optimization and a timeline.

From here, you now also have the tools needed to get it done.



Provided Plan of action is implemented. Services are offered to execute and do the work for you.

Consulting & Development Services

Personal Development Coaching

Coaching and Consulting focused on enhancing your perspective of you. The development of your capabilities, potential and quality of life.

Business Development Consulting

Assessment, Analysis, Strategy and Development of your established business or business ideas.

Business Development, Personal or Family Planning, we are here to provide resolution and resources.

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Non-profit (Not for profit) Services

Start Up Framework
Registrations, Filings, and documentation needed to properly structure your organization within compliance of your state and federal requirements. Including Federal and state Tax Exemption applications.

Program Development
Build out of the organization’s programs and projects. Including budgets.

Budget Review/Assistance
Analysis of your organization’s budget. Suggested modifications.

Grant Writing billed per Hour
Research and solicitation of grants that your organization qualifies for.

Financial Management
Full-Service Accounting or Bookkeeping options specific to Fund Accounting are available. Including assisting in software selection based on the organization’s operations.

Any service without a rate applied is based on assessment*

To Inquire about what services may be needed for your Non-Profit, Schedule an Inquiry Call with us

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