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Consulting & Development Services

My consulting style supports development through Identity, Strategy, Innovation, Solutions & Implementation with the end goal of Execution.

Sessions are designed to be the most effective within the time allotted, so the Questionnaire is required and provided for you to give detailed information by asking all the necessary questions

Evaluation in its entirety. Identify any current or forecasted issues. Identify what should be maximized and/or eliminated.
Should you stop here, you now know what your problem areas are whether current or forecasted. Self-initiative can be taken to correct/prevent them

Providing Insight, Guidance and Resources. A plan of action is customized to prevent or correct said issues & elevate the current standing. Consisting of strategy, optimization and a timeline.

From here, you now also have the tools needed to get it done.

Provided Plan of action is implemented. Services are offered to execute and do the work for you.

Development Consulting Sessions

One on One Development for General/New Business Owners
90-minute Live Session OR Recorded Video Session

- Review of Framework and Organizational Structure for Federal/State Compliance
- Identify Challenges/Issues
- Methods for resolve
- Select the best initial method
- Structure & Strategy for Scaling

- Creating Workflows
- Selecting a Financial Management Method that best suit your current financial status
- Selecting the best business model for your personality and capabilities/ or creating your own model
- Highlight Business Tax Deductions & Credits in current tax year

2nd Shift 
One on One for Creatives/Creators/Artists
90-minute live Session OR Recorded Video Session

- Organize and Structure your ideas/services
- Converting Ideas to profitable Services/Products
- Identify your strengths and weaknesses
- Methods to enhance your strengths and to compensate for your weaknesses through automation/outsourcing
- Selecting a Financial Management Method that best suit your current financial status

No Bottom Line
One on One for Non-Profit Organizations
90-Minute live Session

- Governing Documents and Organizational Structure Review and suggestions
- Purpose, Mission, Vision Review, and revision
- Programs Review and suggestions
- Review Chart of Accounts and suggestions
- Accounting Methods and Reporting
- Fundraising/Grant Writing Strategy Methods
- Website Review/Layout suggestions

I am here to provide resolution and resources.

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For a distinct set of clients with projects that align with my values and efforts, I offer project-based rates.

A based rate is required then a retainer fee based on the duration of the project and what skills, resources and time I will contribute to the project.
Project Management/Consulting 
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