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Hidden Gems Academy is a unique learning experience. Where education meets implementation through an assortment of impactful and effective methods. We all learn differently and are often boxed into learning under a system and scope that serves only the purpose of confining the mindset.

Here, you have options.

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Here we provide a platform of education where knowledge is presented and interpreted in a way that can be understood and used by ALL. sharpening skills, discovering a new industry or entrepreneurial venture, you can learn how to create opportunities for yourself and others.

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With our Start Here series, we offer eBooks and courses that provide a road map to understanding and venturing into different industries.

e Books

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A Guide for potential entrepreneurs and business owners. The blueprint to a successful Start Up.

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While you definitely should be a professional to prepare others' taxes, you don't have to be licensed or even in the same industry to start a Tax Preparation Firm. Here's How!

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A Multi-Billion Dollar industry in need of more qualified professionals in different lanes of the industry. If you want to learn more about trucking and how to start a company of your own, grab this book, it has all the keys and gems!

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Worksheets and Spreadsheets

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We are a community of like minds and those with like interests. We share a space of individuality and unity where everyone can learn, teach and exchange solutions and perspectives.
-Monthly Membership 
-Interactive Podcast
-Group Economic Projects
-Community Building Campaigns
Problem solving, developing ideas and growing our tribe.
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