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Hidden Gems Academy is a unique learning experience. Where education meets implementation through an assortment of impactful and effective methods. We all learn differently and are often boxed into learning under a system and scope that serves only the purpose of confining the mindset.

Here, you have options.

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Here we provide a platform of education where knowledge is presented and interpreted in a way that can be understood and used by ALL. sharpening skills, discovering a new industry or entrepreneurial venture, you can learn how to create opportunities for yourself and others.

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With our Start Here series, we offer eBooks and courses that provide a road map to understanding and venturing into different industries.

e Books

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A Guide for potential entrepreneurs and business owners. The blueprint to a successful Start Up.

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While you definitely should be a professional to prepare others' taxes, you don't have to be licensed or even in the same industry to start a Tax Preparation Firm. Here's How!

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A Multi-Billion Dollar industry in need of more qualified professionals in different lanes of the industry. If you want to learn more about trucking and how to start a company of your own, grab this book, it has all the keys and gems!

Workshops & Guided Courses

Personal & Community

Business & Economic

Non-Profit Organizations


Are you and your Household Self- Sufficient?  Or, are you relying solely on external assistance more than your own capabilities? 

Let's work together to get you where you need to be.

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Emails at 3 am, no receipts of major purchases, no knowledge of why your business is a Corporation rather than an LLC? This is the guide for you!

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There is endless information as to where to apply for Grant Funding and when, but is your organization in a position to apply for or receive a grant? Are your Programs & Budgets developed?  Get Grant ready.

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As a Collective, We are building a civilization for our community to not only sustain, but to flourish. That takes everyone doing their part and understanding how each one of us is necessary. Let's work together to get Us where we need to be.

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It's time to be responsible for your part in your tax outcome. Learn what you can do all year round to meet your tax goals.


Start or Develop your Non-Profit Organization within compliance with the structure and development to best carry out your mission and purpose.

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Granted, there is a lot that we actually need in Adulthood that isn't taught in school of any grade however, there is a lot that as Adults some simply don't implement even with the information available. Here is your guided course to actionable items and daily practices that will lead you towards being a Financially Responsible Adult.

Interactive Podcast

An assemblage of aligned minds.  A resource for those exploring education and divergent perspectives of life that evoke and coalesce our individual and collective purposes.

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Worksheets and Spreadsheets

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We are a community of like minds and those with like interests. We share a space of individuality and unity where everyone can learn, teach and exchange solutions and perspectives.
-Monthly Membership 
-Interactive Podcast
-Group Economic Projects
-Community Building Campaigns
Problem solving, developing ideas and growing our tribe.
If that’s a place for you, Join our community here:

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