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Hi, I’m Q. Sutton.

Primarily, I am an Accountant and Business development consultant. Born and raised in NYC where I started my entrepreneurial journey. Currently a resident of Atlanta, where my operations are based.


I have 15+ years of experience in different areas of finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I hold several positions in different industries such as non-profit organizations, transportation and logistics, property management, event production and more. I have clients ranging from individuals seeking financial guidance to federal government contracting agencies.

A South Bronx native, I started my businesses with the intent of bringing forth new opportunities to businesses and a new perspective of finances to individuals from communities like my own, all over the world. Established in 2014, QTax expanded from a modest tax company based solely on tax preparation into a dual firm with a large yet distinct selection of services.

My purpose is to increase the value of life by changing the narrative of finances and improving the culture by guiding better financial decisions and rerouting funding back into the community. Specializing in business development and financial management, I make sure to be a valuable addition to any path that I cross.

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Non-Profit: Start up, Program Development and Financial Management

Federal Government: Procurement, Compliance and software developer for vetting processes

Transportation & Logistics: Currently a Consultant, formerly a Freight Broker, a Carrier, a Shipper and a Dispatcher

Small-Large Business: Business Formation & Framework, Bookkeeping, Full-Service Accounting, Partnership Relations

Education: Curriculum Development

QTax Services:

Authorized irs e-file provider

Quick Books Pro Advisor

Q. Sutton Consulting:

Helped to establish 50+ businesses over the past 3 years with a profitability rate of 90+%


Q.S. Global Logistics:

Successfully transforming the “Trucking” industry into one that will be valued and respected like any other lucrative industry, one business at a time.


Hidden Gems Academy:

All e Books, courses, classes and materials are composed and designed by Q. Sutton herself. Based on professional expertise not just as an observer, but through experience

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