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Tax preparation doesn’t have to be as nerve wrecking or chaotic as it seems. Especially not year after year.

QTax makes this process seamless and informative.

Our process:
1.    Pay your deposit for the current tax year. Deposits reserve your slot for the current tax year and are applied to your overall tax preparation fee total. Deposits are
NON-REFUNDABLE and you will not be refunded if you do not move forward with tax preparation.
2.    Read, Review and sign the Engagement Letter. 
3.    When you’re ready, we’ll schedule a 15-30 min tax call to review your tax needs and any questions you may have.

For additional questions and concerns about your specific tax situation, you can schedule a Tax Consultation here:

Our tax preparation services are provided with your lowest tax liability and maximized deductions in mind while remaining compliant with tax law.

Corporate Tax Returns

-Form 1120- Corporation Income Tax Return
-Form 1120S- Corporation Income Tax Return (S-Corp/LLC taxed as S-Corp)
-Partnerships/Multi-Member LLC
Form 1065- Partnership Income Tax Return (Also for LLCs with more than One Member)

Non-Profit/ Tax Exempt Organizations
-990N Postcard



Business Tax Returns
($99 Deposit Required)

Tax Income Reports

Individual 1040 Tax Returns
($55 Deposit Required)

Tax Income Reports

Individual Income Tax Returns (Personal)

-W2 Income


-Social Security

-Self-Employed (Schedule C)


Prior to engagement, a deposit for the service is required and the Engagement letter must be reviewed and signed.

Engagement meaning, phone calls, emails, text messages or other forms of communication regarding tax preparation.

As a taxpayer, do your part to provide the most detailed information and all documents to your preparer.

 Complete our questionnaire here:

Tax Questionnaire
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